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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Well done to everyone who completed the half term challenge. How many #YkidsRocks did you find? All 50 locations and words revealed below.

Download your certificate here;

Ykids Rocks Certificate
Download PDF • 9.64MB

29th May - 6th June Can you find the #YkidsRocks hidden in local streets, by shops and maybe around the parks too??

Pick up more information and your answer sheet from Ykids, Kingsley & Co or download a copy below.

  1. Get out and about this May Half Term and find the #YkidsRocks!

  2. Take a photo (leave for others to find) and complete the table with each rock you find.

  3. Each rock has a motivational word on the back, how many can you find? Write each positive word on your answer sheet next to the matching number. Share your photos on our social media #YkidsRocks

  4. Keep an eye on our social media, you may notice somebody else finds a rock/word you're looking for!! Let's try and find all 50 between us!

  5. Design and paint your own #YkidsRocks, include any picture, words or quote and hide for others to find. Share your designs with us too!

  6. Download your #YkidsRocks certificate - this will be uploaded after half term.

Don't forget to check out all of the other amazing resources, crafts and activities available on www.ykidsonline.co.uk

Original #YkidsRocks locations;

50 Rocks, 50 Positive Words;

Download the full #YkidsRocks information leaflet here;

A5 Leaflet Ykids Rocks!
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Download your answer sheet here;

Ykids Rocks Answer Sheet
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