Worm Charming!

"What on earth is worm charming?!" we hear you ask...

Basically worms are sensitive to sound vibrations and will come to the surface if their underground world is subjected to the right kind of noise. People use all kinds of tools and strange objects to coax out worms from the ground. Why not come up with your own way of worm charming!

From The Telegraph:

"More than 600 people attend the International Festival of Worm Charming each year, with the aim of collecting as many worms as possible in 15 minutes."

We think Worm Charming is a fun way to spend your afternoon - especially after all this Summer rain!🌧

How To Charm Worms:

You will need a plot of ground like grass or soil

- You can tap the soil like birds do with their feet, perhaps mimicking the vibrations made by worm-hunting moles, and dupe worms into breaking cover.

- “Twanging” the ground with a fork in the soil is also effective.

- Worms must be charmed to the surface. Absolutely no digging is allowed! When enough of the worm is showing above the surface they can be carefully pulled out.

It is possible to gather a surprisingly large number of worms from a quite small plot. The record is over 500!

Here is a video of the World Worm Charming Championships: