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1. Dekko Comics

Dekko Comics teach lessons through fun and very wacky comic stories. They cover topics in maths, English, Science, History, Geography and PSHE. Have a look at their FREE resources on their website!


2. Save a life - take a basic First Aid Course

Thousands of lives a year could be saved if more of us knew basic first aid. This 2-week course is a basic guide to first aid.

You will learn how to recognise and manage emergencies and build a foundation of first aid knowledge and skills to build on. Whether it’s how to help someone who’s choking, helping someone who has passed out, or helping someone with a severe cut, this course will give you the confidence to deal with basic first aid problems.


3. Ykids Everest Challenge

Take part in the #YkidsEverestChallenge

Can you climb Mount Everest? Do you think you could? Well why not get in training at home by climbing your stairs... Are you up for the challenge????


4. Tour the secret Anne Frank House

One of the world's most visited tourist sites, the Anne Frank house is usually heaving with tourists and difficult to get into. Since the government lock down, The Anne Frank house has been opened to the public through a FREE virtual tour! This is a fantastic chance to dive into an important part of histgory, that is normally so exclusive, have a look at the tour here:


5. Join in the Lidl #RainbowChallenge on Twitter

Join us on the #RainbowTrail in support of NSPCC‘s Childline service, and your Lidl’un’s drawing could feature on our billboard! Here’s how

1. Draw a rainbow

2. Write their name and age on the drawing

3. Share a photo in the comments on this post using #LidlRainbowChallenge

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