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1. Kooth

Kooth provides free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.

'On Kooth young people will have 24-hour access to self-help materials as well as goal-setting and mood-tracking tools. The online service hosts moderated forums, allowing for peer-to-peer support and interactive messaging with counsellors. Users are also able to drop-in or book anonymous online counselling sessions with qualified therapists who are available in the evenings and at weekends; sessions are available on weekdays from 12pm and 10pm, and from 6pm to 10pm on weekends.'


2. FREE online parenting course

Being kept inside with your family 24/7 can be... intense! Why not give this FREE course a read to help give your some support whilst at home?


3. The Comedy Trust's Quarantine Study Club!

The Comedy Trust are a fantastic, funny charity who bring a lot of laughter to Liverpool! They have started The Comedy Club's Quarantine Club!

Which means they're uploading weekly challenges that you can get involved with for free! Check them out...


4. Duolingo - learn a language!

Ever wanted to be able to speak a different language, communicate with neighbours, friends or even family? Now is the perfect chance!

You can learn a language for FREE using!

"A young girl came to Ykids this year and told us she had began learning Italian. When we asked her why, she said it was so she could speak to the new girl in her class so she would feel included and welcomed. We thought that was wonderful, and a brilliant way to create community.'


5. Learn to cook with Delia Smith!

Learn from one of the Nation's most loved cooks - Delia Smith!

She has a website full of simple recipes, techniques, old favourites and more challenging bakes that you can try at home! And - they're all free 😊


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