Activity: Lolly Stick Catapult!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Why not try this easy to make catapult for hours of fun . Make targets eg: toilet roll tubes and keep score of how many you knock down. (The cat, your little brother and next door's greenhouse do not count as targets!!)

First recorded in ancient Greece around 399, B.C., catapults were used in battle to defeat walls and attack settlements. They would use large boulders and cannon balls to break down fortification walls and castles. And in some cases they were used to terrify the city or castle inhabitants by hurling over the heads of soldiers they had slain (urgh gross!)

You will need:

· Wooden Lolly sticks

· Rubber Bands

· Plastic Spoon

· Pom pom Balls or rolled up pieces of tin foil or even marshmallows!

· Optional paint or markers to decorate the lolly sticks


1. Make a stack of lolly sticks by stacking them one on top of each other. Start with five (5) sticks. Optional: paint or color the lolly sticks before starting.

2. Wrap a rubber band around each end of the stack to hold the stack together.

3. Take two lolly sticks and stack them together. Wrap one rubber band around one end of these two sticks to hold them together.

4. Pull the two lolly sticks slightly apart and place the larger stack of sticks in between the two.

5. Attach the larger stack to the stick on the top using a rubber band.

6. Set the spoon on the top lolly stick and use a rubber band to lash it down.

7. The spoon should be facing cup side (scoop side) upwards.

8. Place a pom pom/ tin foil ball/marshmallow on the spoon.

9. Wreak mini mayhem!

Here are some other instructions on YouTube with different designs

or advanced!