Take the Everest Challenge!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Can you climb Mount Everest? Do you think you could? Well why not get in training at home by climbing your stairs... Are you up for the challenge????

We've created a 'Mountain-o-meter' so you can check how far you have climbed, starting with little Moel Famau in Wales.

Now, nobody ever climbed Mount Everest in 1 day, so set yourself the challenge over the next few weeks and months and don't forget to keep record of how far you've gotten!

Use the hashtag #YkidsEverestChallenge when you upload your pictures to social media!


- Make some bunting and wrap it around the stair case to create a 'Base Camp' at the bottom of your stairs!

- Stay Hydrated. You'll need to drink lots of water to keep going all that way.

- Bring a companion to carry your travel bags (this can be your dog, teddy or brother/sister!) and call them a 'Sherpa' (this is the name of the real local guides who take people up and down Mount Everest every day.

- You might want to create a tally chart at the top of the stairs to help you keep track, like this one!

Last but not least!

Remember to only count when you are going UP the stairs, not down the stairs, otherwise you've only climbed half way.

Now, stretch out your legs and get to it adventurers!