Approaching the topic of race with Kids

It's important to have conversations about race and diversity with children, but as adults, we need to take the time to understand things for ourselves, too.

Here is a great video with tips, ideas and advice on approaching the topic of racism and diversity with children.

Diversity might not be something you consider when buying toys, movies or games for your kids. However, it is thought that by the age of 3 children begin 'classifying' people by what they look like, which means if they are only exposed to one thing, that becomes their preference. By choosing books, movies and games with black or brown characters (diversity), you are broadening your child's perspective and helping them see that all people are equal from a young age.

A video from a teacher:

A video explaining racism to kids:

Books for Kids about racism:

A cartoon about racism for kids:

A video to show kids about changing the world: