Activity - Dots and Boxes!

What You Need: Pens and Paper or printed sheets

How To Play:

Dots and boxes(Squares) is a simple game with a simple goal: whoever "owns" the most boxes at the end of the game wins. You and your opponent/stake turns drawing horizontal or vertical lines to connect the dots. When someone draws a line that completes a box, you write your initial inside to win the box. Once all the

dots have been connected, you can count the boxes and find the winner.

You can print of one of our grids or using a pen and pencil, make a simple vertical line of dots, each about 1 cm apart. Make three more columns of dots going horizontally, so you have an even square of at least 16 dots. You can make any size board you want While shorter games can be played on 3x3 grids, they must generally be at least 4x4 provide a worthwhile game. It is often fun to play with different colour inks, allowing you to look back on the game and see who played or set up what boxes, but it is not essential. In a pinch, you can share a pencil as well

Each turn the player draws one horizontal or vertical line to connect two dots. Early on this will be mostly random, as there are not enough lines to win any boxes. Each line simply goes from one dot to its neighbouring dot either above, below, left, or right. There are no diagonal lines.

Draw the 4th wall of a box to win it for yourself. Each box is worth one point, so write your initial in the completed box to score it for yourself. If you have two different coloured pens, you can also scribble your colour in to mark it as well.

Once you've finished a box, drawing the 4th line, you get to keep going. This allows you to create chains, where the 4th wall of your first box makes the 3rd wall of another box. You can then use your extra turn to complete this box too, keeping the cycle alive until the chain runs out.

The player with the largest number of boxes win. If you want to continue playing, you should draw a new grid, switch who goes first and keep going.

You can also play online against a computer to practice and learn the best strategy to win.

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