FREE online mobile video making workshops

The workshops will teach young people how to create fun, engaging and creative videos on their smartphone that showcases their stories during Covid-19. The online workshops will take place on Zoom, the details to join the workshop will be released closer to the date.

What will it cover?

1. Divergent Thinking during Covid-19

2. Filming 101

3. Editing apps

4. Story telling masterclass

5. Online Safety

6. Competition

Online Mobile Video-Making Workshop
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“This workshop seeks to inspire young people to share their experiences during Covid-19 and express ways in which they are overcoming challenges during quarantine.

We aim to amplify young people’s voices and give rise to movements that can create a positive and sustained impact in the world. By sharing positive real life stories, we hope to bring a sense of hope and solidarity. Ultimately, we want to showcase the transformative power of storytelling and its potential to educate and motivate young people during these difficult times.”


Everyone that participates in our workshops will have the opportunity to submit their videos into our Lockdown Competition.

The winner will receive £50 worth of mobile vlogging equipment.

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