FREE Apps to help you sleep!

Feeling Good

Relax your body and mind with a series of audio tracks designed to help you build confidence, motivation, resilience and bring about a positive mindset.

Chill Panda

Learn to relax, manage your worries and improve your well being. There are different tasks to suit your state of mind including breathing techniques and light exercise. An app better suited to younger children and also the family can enjoy the activities together.


A guide for the whole family to everyday Mindfulness. The guided meditation tracks cover stress, sleep problems, productivity, exercise and more.

Three Good Things

A simple yet effective app to encourage you to reflect on your day and focus on the positive things in the hope that it will bring you comfort, happiness and calm. Looking back at your entire diary entry at the end of the week will give you a great boost too.

Stop, Breath & Think

A meditation and mindfulness app to help with stress, worry, anxiety and sleep problems; check-in with how you’re feeling each day, follow guided meditations do yoga and watch videos.

Student Health App 17+

Provides reliable information about physical and mental health and common difficulties we might experience at the age of 17 years and upwards. Subjects include further education, bodily changes and problems and relationships.